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Thread: Zachary Quinto's NOHO apartment

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    Default Zachary Quinto's NOHO apartment

    Zachary Quinto and Miles McMillan's NoHo Apartment Is a Reflection of the Couple's Artistic Flair

    The couple's collaborative efforts decorating their two-bedroom home over the past two years has resulted in a reflection of the couple's relationship together

    In order to encourage guests to sit in the dining room—instead of hanging in the kitchen—the pair had a long narrow dining table made by North Carolina studio Taracea, the idea being that many people could fit around it in an intimate way. “We got the table to get people closer together, to force people to sit down. It works,” says Miles McMillan. “And it feels really nice.” Behind their dining table is an oil portrait by McMillan, representative of his style, along with a Drew Shiflett paper collage and an Edward Burtynsky photograph.

    “I think the coolest thing about the bookshelves is there’s a lot of stuff from each of us we have brought into the house,” says Quinto. The couple’s bookshelf is probably their most personal corner of the house, full of inherited gems.

    The apartment’s study was both guys’ favorite room to work on. “I feel like that was the room we had the most freedom to do something that didn’t have to be neutral,” says McMillan. “We were really able to go in the opposite direction and have fun, make it a little more vibrant.” They took the womblike incubative space from dark blue walls to a brighter place with Graffito wallpaper by Kelly Wearstler, which added a “kinetic energy,” and enriched the rest of the windowless space with Oriental rugs. Also adding to the rich, eclectic atmosphere is Arne Norell’s Beech Leather and Brass Lounge Chair. There are works by Matthew Lipps and Ross Bleckner, and original Rorschach inkblot prints. “I love to spend time in there,” says Quinto.

    “We both had a vision in mind,” says McMillan. “We wanted our space to look good, but more importantly we wanted a space we wanted to live in, entertain in, because we spend most of our time here.”

    Quinto calls McMillan “a really talented cook; I’m really good at doing dishes.” The pair frequently have friends over for dinners or movie nights, and they tend to gravitate toward the kitchen, which is the heart of the apartment. It’s also home to a memento actress Cherry Jones—Quinto’s costar in his production of The Glass Menagerie—gifted the actor. “It’s a small but ornate little bird that is actually a dish that belonged to Tennessee Williams. Allegedly he used it as his cocaine dish,” says Quinto.

    Oslo lounge chairs by Bernhardt Design complement the relaxed library feel of the couple's living room.

    While the majority of the rooms are light, bright, and airy, Quinto and McMillan took the opportunity to give their interior, windowless rooms, such as their bathroom and study, a more "womblike" feel, with darker, warmer walls and textures.

    Quinto’s recent trip to Morocco begot several textile purchases, including the one pictured here. “It’s rare we make big decisions without consulting one another, but now and then we have to make decisions and just trust that we know each other well enough by now that if one of us finds a piece for the apartment that we’ll find a home for it,” says Quinto of the rug.

    Their bedroom showcases another of McMillan’s oil paintings as well as the artist’s crystal collection. “The interesting thing about Miles is, he doesn’t just collect crystals, he really genuinely uses them, and I’ve learned a lot about crystals and their properties as a result,” says Quinto, adding that his partner has an ever-changing collection next to their bed.
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    This is nice. I love the Oslo chairs.
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    I like most of it, except the "dark" rooms. I love the ottoman in the study but not the wallpaper and although it's not cluttered, there are too many dust-catchers in this apartment for my liking. But they have great taste for the most part.
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    The dining room chairs could be a little more comfortable.

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    Other than the really ugly wallpaper in the one room, I'm totally in love with this
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    Another proof that gay men have better taste
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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    The dining room chairs could be a little more comfortable.
    10 chairs. I don't think i know 9 people that I like on a regular basis.
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    I really love it and saved some pics for future reference for myself. It may be a bit artsy-fartsy, but not too much - they seem to have a genuine understanding of/interest in art, not just showing it off. Love the mixing of rich, warm brownish colours against white and wood. I like the wooden bowls and the Moroccan rugs, blankets and cushions here and there mixed with some lush green plants in the background. And I love that mustard-colored bedspread.
    Except the bedroom in blue, feels too cold to me (but maybe they went for this effect with all the hot sexy stuff done in there) - and the mirror with the fringe needs to burn as well.

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    His man is cute, but I'm not a fan of their taste in decor at all.
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    Nicely done placement of objets. I'm not so convinced of this coupling for the long term. That guy is a young, hot model, or was. Big mistake with the grasscloth wallcovering behind the sink and faucet wall. Gets wet, it's over.

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    Very nice, except the wooden sink with sharp corners - that shit is for people who hate their house keeper.

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    I have too many cats to have all the stuff on the shelves with spaces for little assholes to land before they de-construct.

    I have too many dogs for all the white on the floors and doors and built-ins under the windows.

    Other than that... it has great natural light in some rooms.

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