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Thread: How to Make Bottle Crafts

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    Default How to Make Bottle Crafts

    If you have an old bottle lying around your house, you can take it easy, fun crafts. Everything from bottles of wine in plastic soda bottles can be recycled and turned into a beautiful craft or educational product. Old bottles can be turned into useful addition or even a decoration to your garden. Gather a group of friends or a place to help your children to turn waste into a specific project.
    How to make decorative bottle of wine:
    Bottled wine was carefully. Remove the label using a knife, and then enjoy the bottle in warm water with soap.
    Crumple the paper tissue in small pieces. Brush the decoupage on wine bottles and keep part of tissue paper in decoupage. Cover tissue paper with decoupage.
    Marble glue gun with glue bottle your wine hot. You can keep the bottle decorated with wire coil craft. To make spiral, wind wire around a pencil.

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    Gee. That sounds so fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steavehanson View Post
    and then enjoy the bottle in warm water with soap.
    Making bath time fun for us single gals!
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    I've seen pictures of xrays from people who enjoyed the bottle a little too well.
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    Gather a group of friends or a place to help your children to turn waste into a specific project.

    Tried this. But it turns out little kids can't drink much wine before they start to vomit, so the project never got off the ground.
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    That's cause you didn't refer to it as 'Jesus juice'.
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