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Thread: 10 French Colonial Homes (errm well the outside of them at least ;)

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    Default 10 French Colonial Homes (errm well the outside of them at least ;)

    Mardi Gras Never Ends in These 10 French Colonial Homes

    Mardi Gras Never Ends in These 10 French Colonial Homes

    Melissa Allison 2 days ago

    Itís time for the biggest party of the year: Mardi Gras.
    So grab some beads and a hurricane cocktail and settle back with these elegant French colonial homes for a sale ó a vestige of the French settlers who once populated the Big Easy.

    The French Quarter, New Orleans

    (© Provided by Zillow) 1005 Governor Nichols, New Orleans

    For sale: $849,000

    Like many French colonial homes in semi-tropical areas, this mini-estate features an enchanting garden oasis to complement its tall windows and tastefully understated storm shutters.

    Frisco, Texas

    (© Provided by Zillow) Frisco, TX

    For sale: $1 million

    This French colonial boasts hinged shutters, a parlor with built-in bookshelves, and balconies adored with ornate ironwork. The master suite is a haven for pampering, with a coffee bar, two walk-in closets and a claw-foot tub alongside an oversized shower.

    Madisonville, Louisiana

    © Provided by Zillow) Madisonville, LA

    For sale: $2.275 million

    French colonial homes built on acreage are often called plantation homes ó and they have the luxury of wide porches for sipping lemonade and taking in the breeze. This home along the Tchefuncte River boasts five fireplaces for chilly evenings.

    Vero Beach, Florida

    (© Provided by Zillow) Vero Beach, FL

    For sale: $2.2 million

    Located on an island in South Florida, this home was built in 2005 but has the narrow windows and shutters, wide front balcony and French doors of a traditional French colonial home.

    New Orleans

    (© Provided by Zillow) 910 Orleans Ave, New Orleans

    For sale: $1.875 million

    This Creole townhouse, which mixes French and Caribbean architectural elements, brings the elegance of a slate roof and copper gutters to a French Quarter home that dates to 1830.

    Charleston, South Carolina

    (© Provided by Zillow) Charleston, SC

    For sale: $1.459 million

    Balconies figure prominently in French colonial architecture, although the most ornate railings were added during the subsequent Victorian era by people who found colonial design dull.


    (© Provided by Zillow) Houston, TX

    For sale: $3.8 million

    The French colonial style takes on a country manor look with larger houses, like this 8,715-square-foot mansion thatís Texas Big.

    Shreveport, Louisiana

    (© Provided by Zillow) Shreveport, LA

    For sale: $349,900

    Modern homes like this one sometimes mimic the French colonial style, with steep roofs and tall windows. This one is billed as a cottage, but it measures more than 2,000 square feet.

    Los Angeles

    (© Provided by Zillow) 1286 Sunset Plaza Dr, LA

    For sale: $5.149 million

    Word had reached Los Angeles as far back as 1936, when this home was built, that French colonials had it all over elegance. A backyard pool, plus immense closets and a giant wine cooler bring a California sensibility to the mansion.


    (© Provided by Zillow) Houston, TX 2

    For sale: $659,000

    Hereís a modern home outside Louisiana that makes the New Orleans Garden District look seem easy. Tall windows, a front porch and an ornate balcony: You almost expect to see beads flying through the air.

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    I love the Charleston one because it looks most like a plantation house which are my second most favorite architectural design for houses (cabin because #1). It's also what I envision when I think of a home on a large plot of wooded/creepy/voodoo land in Louisiana.

    The rest of them, eh...some of them are a little too modern for me and I'm not sure I'd even consider them French Colonial (like the Shreveport, Louisiana one).
    All you can do at life is play along and hope that sometimes you get it right.

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    Why I love historical house tours:

    Madisonville, LA: I don't know whether the house is actually from that era, but if it is the brick porch was probably a signal to Joneses that the owners could afford to spend money on all that brick when a wooden porch would've done fine. Also look for fingerprints from slaves forming the bricks and short, decorative brick patterns in these types of homes, like this: [ ][ ][ ]. That was another signal that the owners could afford to waste money on decorative brickwork.

    New Orleans Creole House: Ironwork suddenly became super-popular at that time because of mass-production and affordability. They could mix-and-match their ironwork and order them from catalogs. It's fun to look for repeated patterns amongst the houses.

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    I want to marry that Charleston house.

    I live in upstate South Carolina, and it is a whole different world from the low country. Love 'em both, but Charleston's a tough town to break into.

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