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Thread: Boeing 727 Airplane house in the middle of the Oregon woods

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    Default Boeing 727 Airplane house in the middle of the Oregon woods

    This converted Boeing 727 offers 1,066 square feet of livable space

    Feet on the ground, head in the cloud: This man lives in a plane

    By Jenny McGrath — December 19, 2015

    Southwest of Portland, surrounded by trees, something that might look a bit like a scene out of Lost but is actually not a crashed aircraft. It’s Bruce Campbell’s (no, not that one) airplane home.

    In 1999, he paid $100,00 for a Boeing 727. Transforming it into a home cost another $120,000 and a lot of vision. “Next time you’re in a jetliner, close your eyes for a moment,” he told Great Big Story. “In your mind remove all the seats and all the other people, and then open your eyes with that vision and consider the expansive living room. It’s a good environment; it really is.”

    Inside, between the cabin and the cockpit, Campbell has 1,066 square feet of living space. It has a stairway entry (which he can retract if he’s going away for a while, sort of like pulling up the ladder on a tree fort), a “very primitive shower,” two functioning bathrooms, a futon, kitchen area, and bench where he tinkers on plane improvements. Taking care of the home involves vacuuming the plane’s floor and sweeping leaves off its wings.

    Living near the Cascadia subduction zone, the electrical engineer wanted something he thought would stand up to an earthquake. “It’s a sealed pressure canister,” he says. “It’s incredibly strong. It will last practically forever.” A fan of sustainability, he thinks it’s crazy to dismantle retired jetliners then turn around and build a new home. He calls planes “an aerospace class, home-size structure.”

    While he admits living in the woods in a plane might be a bit unusual or lonely for many people, for Campbell, it feels totally natural. He’s not the only one: Red Lane, a former airplane mechanic, makes his home in a DC-8.

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    I thought it would be cooler on the inside. I don't like this.
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    i did too. it's well kept on the outside but ugly on the inside.

    but as long as he's happy, rock on.
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    So, this is the finished result. I don't think dilapidated aircraft chic will catch on.

    Here's a more upscale version of airplane-living.
    Costa Rican Airplane Hotel Takes Flight | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

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    I wouldn't call that transformed.

    And so he has to empty the toilet thingy right?

    No thank you.
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    I had some hippy friends who lived in an old bus. It was way better looking inside than this plane. This guy does not have the decorating gene.

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    One of the only pieces of "art" he has is of a very young Asian girl. Not creepy at all. At. All.
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    I've seen them that actually are cool on the inside. This just looks like a junkyard.
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    This is like all of my worst fears rolled into one post. Shit.

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    I'm going to guess he's a confirmed bachelor, not that there's anything wrong with that. The airplane seats look like their from 1970.

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    Yeesh. My bus is NOT going to look like this when I'm finished with it!
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    If you have sex in there, do you still qualify for the Mile High Club?

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    Just kill me. I can smell it from here.

    ETA: he spent $220,000 on this?!
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    Just no.

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