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Thread: Renovated Row House in Montreal

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    I quite like what they've done with this house, except is that another ladder that leads nowhere? They must be in right now. I would not have chosen black and yellow for the walls, but maybe green for the stairs and blue for the bedroom.

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    no. the house itself is great and they did a good job with the reno but i hate their style. the yellow wall is especially obnoxious, as are the bookshelves which they use as if they were displays in a bookstore rather than a home library. also, is that their entire living room? a leather bench? and no dining table either? fuck off.
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    My glaucoma eyes could not handle that yellow.
    Out of retaliation, I'd mess that chalkboard up so bad.
    Chuckling gleefully all the while.

    But, I do like the kitchen lights. <---Things that make me go "ooooooohhh!"

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