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Thread: Imitation Tuscany home in Kiev

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    Default Imitation Tuscany home in Kiev

    The Slavic aesthetic cannot be contained! There MUST be gold, even if it's only a sink. This place cracks me up. Really, a huge painting of a pussy cat in front of the bed? And that closet lined in shiny shiny mirrors with a display case in the center? How about that ugly assed mirror! The crystal chandelier, the Stalinist kitchen and the Plattenbau frame around the central pillar, it's an opulent mansion filled with items from a gypsy flea market. I love it!

    The pool area is gorgeous, though, and I love the area around the fire place.

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    I don't like the thick wooden beam ceilings. Hate the really low ceiling in the bedroom. Doesn't seem to get much light even during the day.

    The bathtub across from the jellyfish wall is a giant-sized replica of our cat's old water dish. But we got her a new Martha Stewart drinking fountain so we don't use the bowl anymore.

    I kinda like the jellyfish wall. But the whole place is a little spooky to me.
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    What's that on the back of the chair?

    I would throw out all the art and furniture. The bare thing isn't bad, although not my taste, but I could work with it.
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    It gives me the fear.
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