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Thread: A DIY Play Kitchen

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    Default A DIY Play Kitchen

    She Transforms Her Useless Old TV Cabinet Into Something Adorable!

    <img src="" class="attachment-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="cass

    • I have moved many times in my life, and with every relocation, Iím always amazed at the amount of old furniture Iíve accumulated. Outdated, broken, or just plain unused, these old pieces usually get kicked straight to the curb.

    But thereís a new movement called upcycling currently sweeping the globe, and itís giving old furniture a whole new life ó and making me wish I hadnít thrown out all my old stuff!
    And though Iíve seen tons of amazing furniture transformations, none can compete with the incredible DIY youíre about to see. When I saw these end results, I was floored. Who knew repurposed furniture could be this much fun?
    Sure, I probably wouldnít get much use out of this as an adult ó but my inner child could play with this for hours!
    Do you have any old furniture that could be repurposed or up-cycled? Let us know in the comments below, and please SHARE!

    When Debbie realized her old TV cabinet was totally useless, she got a brilliant idea: She would repurpose it into something adorable. While this pictured cabinet isn't Debbie's, it's very similar to how hers looked before she began.

    She started the transformation by first removing all the hinges, handles, and knobs. She then gave the entire cabinet a good cleaning.

    eHow/Debbie Williams

    Next, she primed and painted the cabinet. She chose a bright, fresh teal color.

    eHow/Debbie Williams

    Once her paint had dried, she traced circles onto the cabinet using an upside-down bowl.

    eHow/Debbie Williams

    After it was traced, Debbie cut the circle out with a jigsaw. She then cut another hole above that.

    eHow/Debbie Williams

    Next, she picked a cute fabric and got to sewing.

    For the next step, she attached vinyl, craft foam, and the cabinet's old knobs to the interior surface of the cabinet.

    eHow/Debbie Williams

    When she was finished, her old entertainment center had become an adorable kids' play kitchen! But Debbie didn't stop there.

    eHow/Debbie Williams

    Her next step was to rotate the play kitchen, turning her attention to the neglected back. She started the cabinet's next transformation by drilling pilot holes.

    eHow/Debbie Williams

    She then coated that section with chalkboard paint ó while building out the rest with plywood. This made all the sections flush.

    eHow/Debbie Williams

    She then gave the raw, unfinished edges a nice trim.

    eHow/Debbie Williams

    She made a cute window frame, too.

    eHow/Debbie Williams

    After that, she grabbed a new piece of lumber, painted it white, attached some hinges, and started chiseling it down.

    eHow/Debbie Williams

    That piece of wood would become a lunch counter, perfect for her new retro diner! I would have loved to have this as kid, wouldn't you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

    eHow/Debbie Williams

    Please SHARE if you think this DIY play kitchen is just amazing!
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    so cute, I love that thing.
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    it's super cute but who the hell has the time??
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    Penny Lancaster should give this to her little hubby to practice on.
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