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Thread: A Designer's Apartment in Sydney

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    Default A Designer's Apartment in Sydney

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    I love the bathroom and the place in general, especially the mantelpiece. But it's got a few too many knickknacks for my taste, although some of their stuff is pretty cool. And what's the deal lately with artwork (or mirrors) stacked against the wall?
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    i really like this but i'm with faithanne about a slight overabundance of stuff.
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    Me too, I like the general nature of this place but lots of dust collectors here. I do like the little white ship on the shelf.
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    For a designer's apartment, this is quite a normal looking style. But there is waaaaayyyyyyyy too much stuff on every surface, be it horizontal or vertical.
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    Whenever I see "designer's home" in a thread title, I immediately assume it is going to be tragic. I am never wrong about that.
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