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Thread: Spanish flat in Barcelona

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    Default Spanish flat in Barcelona

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    Oh wow, it's so eclectic! No it's not! It's just another person with way too much random junk trying to make their home look interesting and artistic.
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    There's nothing about it that I like except that it's in Barcelona.
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    Great bones, that kitchen needs to be gutted though.
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    It's a beautiful space there's just way too much going on. I'd like to purge it and paint all the walls white and de-clutter and keep only the great pieces - and they have some, in the furniture and the more modern ceramics and vases.
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    Yes, it all needs to be quite a bit *less*. I agree though, there are some great pieces, really darling bits of furniture and stuff.
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    I could use all these hanging knives to chop off those people,s asses..I hate hanging shit in kitchens .my dream one is a totally empty one with nothing visible.They do have some interesting shit though..
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    ^ I hate when there are knives hanging like that. I always expect them to start flying off the wall like in the movie Carrie.
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