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Thread: Two Bedroom Apartment in Sydney

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    Default Two Bedroom Apartment in Sydney

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    Love all the white and the beautiful windows but hate the wood panelling and their style is too pretentious. And I wouldn't want a dining table right outside my bedroom. But I do love that green buffet thingy.
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    I love the white too, and hate the wood. I wouldn't want the dining room right outside the bedroom either, especially if others live there and sit down to eat right outside my room.

    I love the tub and shower but I need a glass door or curtain to keep the water in, or something, cause when I wash my hair the suds fly.
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    that's a little person tub, just like mine (new york, no space). it's also absolutely useless. i've been pestering my building management to rip mine out and put in a closed shower but the cheap bastards won't listen to me.
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    The white is too white and I don't like some of the more pretentious furnishings. Can't stand the wood, either. But the space seems nice.
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