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Thread: Eclectic Home in Australia

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    Default Eclectic Home in Australia

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    There's a fine line between eclectic and junky.

    Also, is that a taxidermied rabbit on the mantle? Creepy. As is the deer head. To each their own, but I don't like stuffed dead animals staring at me.
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    No I don't care for all the dead shit either. And almost everything inside minus the kitchen table set up near the window - that's cute. Everything else is junk cluttering up a lovely house.
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    It looks like a stage set. I don't know if people actually live like that but that would drive me insane having all of that junk lying around collecting dust just so I can look artistic, meaningful and eclectic.
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    Ack, this is awful. And get rid of the deer head and the damn rabbit.
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