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Thread: Family Residence in London

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    Default Family Residence in London

    A Cheerful House in London Inspiring Good Mood

    DOSarchitecture, an architecture studio based in UK, completed this year a single-family residence, a cheerful house with a true personality in Little Venice, London.

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    I like it a lot,nice and lived in.I also like little venice area!
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    This is absolutely stunning! I love the glass enclosed extension/addition on the rear of the house...very modern but compliments the existing house very well. The ornate crown moldings are fantastic too and I love all the built-in storage. I could live here forever and love every minute of that space.

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    it's a little formal for my taste, and i'm not a fan of all those coloured walls but i really like this. i'd get rid of the stainless in the kitchen just because it's a pain in the ass to clean but it's a great kitchen, looooove those wood bar stools.
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    The kitchen is the best room. The rest is too contrived.
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