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Thread: Ninth Avenue Duplex in New York

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    i hate the master bed but other than that i really like this. love all their chairs and the colour scheme, even if the overall effect is a tiny bit too 'matchy'.
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    I hate it a lot. I just can't stand the modern or mid-century aesthetic, it's boring, it screams "institutional" and leaves me feeling cold.

    I kind of like the gray tufted couch. And the wide plank floors are cool.

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    I like the space and some of the furniture.

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    I think the word "welcoming" is a bit misused, but it's nice.
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    Mid-century Ikea. I do like the marble counters and back splash in the kitchen, but detest the hideous faucet coming out of it. WTH?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyotch View Post
    I hate it a lot. I just can't stand the modern or mid-century aesthetic, it's boring, it screams "institutional" and leaves me feeling cold.

    I kind of like the gray tufted couch. And the wide plank floors are cool.
    At some point the retro mid-century scheme became passé but a lot of people didn't get the memo. The whole trend honestly reminds me of cheap, bare-minimum, faux wood tv show set design from the 60's which always reminded me of dentist office waiting rooms to begin with. If you're going to go 60's style stick with boho!

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    I hate most things mid-century.
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    I love midcentury stuff and loved it before it became a big, big trend and mainstreamy. A lot of the vintage pieces are of fine materials and well constructed, the designs are sleek, and the footprints of individual pieces are often small, which works for me because I have always had smaller living spaces, like right now we have two row-house apts turned into one, a lot of the rooms are small, with crannies. It's four bedrooms and an office but with some very small rooms mixed in there. I want no space wasted.

    What I don't like: sprawling suburban houses in which each room is cavernous but boring, and/or all the rooms are ill defined, and filled with large, bulky, or hugely stuffed furniture. That said, sometimes I dream of a 2500-square-footer in a suburb bc when I am in one it can be relaxing for a while.
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    i like it... except for the overly contrived and matchy kid's room. and WHY must there be some random toy or child's shoe or "kid art" in every fucking room? nobody gives a shit if you have a kid or not!
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