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Thread: Vacation Home in Upstate New York

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    Default Vacation Home in Upstate New York

    A Tower House That Leads to the Treetops

    A small vacation home in Upstate New York leads its occupants up to the treetops, hovering over the forest below and offering up enchanting views of the lake and mountains in the distance. Designed and constructed by GLUCK+, the Tower House keeps its footprint small, as not to disturb more of the wooded lot than necessary. Instead, the first three floors are relatively small, opening up on the top floor to house the living spaces.

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    Do I need to spell it out?
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    The exterior is already irritatingly "interesting".
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    I think it's cool, for a not full-time residence. That view makes my heart sing.
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    It looks like Endor, I'd be out looking for Ewoks.

    The house is dreadful but I love the view.
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