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Thread: Small Studio Apartment in France

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    Default Small Studio Apartment in France

    Small Studio Apartment in France

    This lovely apartment in Lyon, France, only measures 35m2 but it still manages to look light and cozy. The decor has been designed by French studio and shop Maison Hand. Walls and floors have been kept white to create a spacious effect and the apartment is filled with furniture and accessories made from natural materials such as rattan and wood.

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    Bland as oatmeal shit. Btw, 35m2 is large for a studio flat.
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    It needs more color, but I still like it.

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    I like it very much ,and it is large by French standards.My nephew lives in 14sm is in Latin Quarter but still..
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    It's darling, and ideal for a single person. I don't mind the white here because of the woods. Or something. Idk it's just works for me.

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