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Thread: Private Residence in Beverly Hills

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    Default Private Residence in Beverly Hills

    Perfectly Elegant in Beverly Hills

    This stunningly elegant home is located in Beverly Hills, California. Though surrounded by a lush woodland, the home itself exudes sophistication and style. It is currently for sale for $6,995,000.

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    i want more for $7M.
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    Looks computer generated. Seriously, in house like that, they have a flat cook surface? In fact, the kitchen is completely horrid.
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    I rather like this - except for the kitchen. Boring as hell, no character, no style, nothing. I'll take that giant shower though.
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    there is so much unused space in this house. i like spacious houses too but this seems over the top. and i hate the recessed lighting.

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