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Thread: House with a Rooftop Swimming Pool

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    Default House with a Rooftop Swimming Pool

    Wiel Arets' Jellyfish House features an elevated swimming pool with a glazed underside

    A rooftop swimming pool with a glass floor cantilevers out beside the entrance to this house in Marbella, Spain, by Dutch office Wiel Arets Architects.

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    Neat but no thanks.
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    That's fucking nuts but I kind of like it. Sadly, though, I don't think my phobias would allow me to enjoy the room underneath the pool.

    And see, reputable architects=sensible, non-deathtrap staircases!
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    It nauseates me to look at that overhang full of water. Even though it is no doubt engineered correctly, it looks all wrong and I could never feel at ease.

    The other pics show a house that resembles an unattractive building in a bland office park.
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    Yeah the rest of the house has zero personality. Plus, who wants to worry about what kind of show the people underneath you are getting while you swim?

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    i'm in awe. i would gladly spend a holiday there.

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