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Thread: An Antiques Dealer's Old-World Paris Apartment

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    Default An Antiques Dealer's Old-World Paris Apartment

    An Antiques Dealer's Old-World Paris Apartment

    In Paris, connoisseurs Sylvain Le´vy-Alban and Charlie Garnett create an ardently old-world atmosphere in a residence that recalls the glory days of European collecting

    What many collectors deem fashionable today holds no interest for Parisians Sylvain Le´vy-Alban and Charlie Garnett. Midcentury-modern furniture? Non. Contemporary art? Absolument pas. Instead, the pair’s two-bedroom apartment, tucked away on the third floor of a large 18th-century building not far from the Palais-Royal, revels in the stratified splendor associated with grand connoisseurs of days gone by—a seigneurial style that Le´vy-Alban, an antiques dealer, regrets “isn’t happening much anymore.”

    I feel sorry for whoever has to clean this place.

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    All that shit!!!!!it might cost millions but i would throw them away,maybe keep a few ..God so much clutter!I love the flat though!
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    i want grimm to come in here and declare this the gayest place he's ever seen.
    it's incredibly cluttered and all the same style and that furniture really isn't my cup of tea but i'd like to pick out a few pieces of art here and there and mix them with more modern stuff.
    and i love all the prints in the last photo.
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    i really miss grimm.
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    Nice space but waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much shit. Makes my house look bare in comparison.
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    Oh, holy hell, no! I'm sure most of it is worth a fine buck, but I get the heebie jeebies just looking at these type of overcrowded (faux) Louis something furnished places.
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    Toooo mosh!
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