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Thread: Lakefront House in Conroe, Texas

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    Default Lakefront House in Conroe, Texas

    Conceived as a second home and weekend get away for a Houston family, this lake house revolves around a 100 foot long monumental cut stone wall. The wall is used as an anchor and space organizer, initiating itself as a sun control device, morphing into an exterior and interior wall, becoming a flying buttress, an accent wall and finally terminating into a sun control device again. An open plan to maximize views from many areas of the house, concrete floors to suggest informality and easy maintenance, and contemporary lighting scheme all contribute to make this space for living and displaying art unique.
    The auto court doubles as a safe, contained basketball arena for the young children. The kidís rooms are designed as bunk rooms with built in beds for boys and girls. The master bath is a playground for adults after the kids are finally too tired from the day of fun on the lake to further require the attention of their parents.

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    The facade is just a fucking jumble.
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    I feel Chalet could straighten this place up.
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