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    Default São Paulo Home

    A House for Social Gatherings Amongst Art & Design

    This family longed for a home that was not just a hub for socializing, but a place to be amongst their collection of art and designer goods. The firm to make it all happen was Fabio Galeazzo Design and this São Paulo home, called NS House, got an eclectic mix of vintage furnishings mixed with Italian, French, and Scandinavian furniture, along with a new layout perfect for socializing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palta View Post
    Oh, they've just gone out of their way to find the ugliest pieces of furniture.

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    are those pucci chairs?

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    the pucci chairs are a crime against humanity.

    overall this isn't my thing but they have some nice pieces here and there.
    i like those red/orange velvet chairs and the dining table with them.
    the only room i like is the bedroom.
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    I hate most of the artsy fartsy far fetched lighting designs.
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    I like the glass and abstract wood table in the hallway by the outdoor pond, and that's about it.
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