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Thread: Open Apartment in Brazil

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    Default Open Apartment in Brazil

    An Open Apartment in Brazil Full of Raw Materials

    The Panamby Apartment, designed by DT estúdio arquitetura, was designed with the homeowner, a single lawyer, in mind. With one person living there, privacy wasn’t an issue so an open floor plan was in the cards. The only space that’s partially isolated is the bathroom.

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    all of the thrift store finds are grating on my nerves.
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    i love most of it. i love the bathroom and the tub that's in the covered balcony. i love the dining chairs and the built-in shelves in the living room. but i hate the turquoise wall, and the armchair and ottoman in the living room. love the red velvet sofa but it doesn't work with the bright red/orange lamp and matching trim up on wall with the dining table, or with the yellow in the kitchen.
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    Not the way I would use or decorate the space. Would totally redo it.
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    No way. Not a chance. I could work with open space, but I would chuck every single thing inside.
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