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Thread: Bachelor Apartment in Moscow

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    Default Bachelor Apartment in Moscow

    Compact Bachelor Haven in Moscow Defined by the Mix of Modern with Retro

    The work of, the architect and CEO, Maxim Tikhonov from m2project Design Bureau attracted our attention with a compact and modern studio project in the largest city of Europe, Moscow.

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    surprisingly un-tacky for russia. i love the little wood side table and the desk. the grey sofa, though it's a great colour, is an ugly shape and displays some worryingly awful la-z-boy tendencies in the shape of the arms and back.
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    There's a pattern with these "bachelor" pads-- single men are only allowed gray and black, got it.

    Not terrible, I guess, but the view is depressing. So, Moscow is bigger than London? I'd like to see a list of the largest European cities, in order. Off to google....
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    Personally, I like the grey. I think it's a nice apartment, views are a bit dreary and the staging of the apple products everywhere annoys me.
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    Boooo I wanted tacky bling!
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