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Thread: House Made of Solid Stone in Lyon

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    Default House Made of Solid Stone in Lyon

    House made of solid stone in Lyon by Perraudin Architecture

    French studio Perraudin Architecture has constructed a family house out of solid stone, claiming the material is "cheaper and faster" to build with than concrete.
    Architect Marco Lammers said limestone had been chosen for economic reasons. "Stone itself is not an expensive resource," he said. "Its manufacturing is. Therefore, the greater its mass, the lower its price and the greater its qualities."
    The house is located in Croix Rousse in Lyon - a dense former silk-weaving district - and is positioned in a small backland plot behind an art gallery.
    Perraudin Architecture designed the building to match the typical local architecture, which features solid stone walls and windows large enough to fit silk looms through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palta View Post

    How do you put up paintings? Or rather, how do you spackle the hole in the wall, when you want to move a painting?

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    Do not want, its like a stylish tomb.
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    i love it, but the location sucks - it doesn't fit in there. it looks like it fell from the sky and landed in someone's backyard.
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    If this isn't the definition of "bland", I don't know what is.
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    I've seen more cozy monasteries.
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