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Thread: Bondi House in Sydney

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    Default Bondi House in Sydney

    Nature-Invaded Dwelling in Sydney, Australia: Bondi House

    Fearns Studio completed the design for a lovely looking home in in Sydney, Australia. Bondi House is a fascinating example of how modern architecture can be successfully “softened” by allowing nature its well deserved role. The residence consists of a first level timber tube above a ground floor brick volume. Natural lighting is invited indoors through skylight penetrations and generous floor-to-ceiling windows facing the inner courtyard.

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    i love it. it's obviously not inhabited yet and needs artwork and personal touches but this is a great house. i'd get different bar stools though.
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    Not very imaginative, but it's Bondi, I'll take it.
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    I'll take it too, without the timber kitchen. Why do these renovations never show the front of the house ie the original part? It's always the back that they've ripped out and built into giant boxes, which is fine, but the older parts of these houses are lovely too and look fantastic when they've been fixed up.
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    I like it.
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    I like that pivoting wall panel/window in the bathroom. You can see it outside in pic #4
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