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Thread: Contemporary Home in The US

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    Default Contemporary Home in The US

    Amazing Contemporary Home: TR Residence by Robert Siegel Architects

    New York City-based studio Robert Siegel Architects has designed the TR Residence. Completed in 2009, this 2,500 square foot, two story, contemporary home is located in Bedford Hills, an unincorporated hamlet in the Town of Bedford, New York, USA. The program included a new master bedroom suite, which raises the floor elevation higher than the rest of the house and captures additional views overlooking the Hudson River Valley. Studying the original design of the house led to the placement of a fifth organizational “bar” to the east side, near the quiet wooded side of the site. The addition extends further south than any other part of the existing house, providing optimal views and privacy, while maintaining the massing of the house as one approaches from the north. Wood cladding and full-height sliding glass doors are used to seamlessly integrate the addition with the existing house.

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    1. Too much glass
    2. Those bookshelves/that book case is just dumb; the way they placed the books
    3. Yellow!
    4. If I could do things my way, I could change it into something way nicer.
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    i love the house itself, love the surroundings. love the first room, the sort of office/library. hate the furniture in the dining room and living rooms.
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    Another box, zzzzzzzz. But I LOVE the bathroom, shower and it's view.
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    I love the shower too, and the views are beautiful

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