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Thread: The Polite House in Norway

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    Default The Polite House in Norway

    Uniquely Shaped Residence: The Polite House by JVA

    This uniquely shaped residence is a 2013 project by JVA that was created for a client in Trondheim, Norway. It was designed to avoid causing visual obstruction to the neighboring house. The house has a modest and abstract formal character in a neighborhood with various density and architectural expressions.

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    I think I prefer a more rude house.
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    How does a person make it through a long dark winter in this house? All those angles and exposed sheet rock wouldn't uplift the spirit on Dec 21st. Which corner or beam would one hand the noose from?
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    If I lived that far north I'd want a nice, cozy nest during those long, cold, dark winters. This isn't. Sigh, I do miss snow.
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