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Thread: Mirador House Punta De Gallo

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    Default Mirador House Punta De Gallo

    Mirador House Punta De Gallo by Rodrigo Santa María

    Chilean architect Rodrigo Santa María has designed the Mirador House Punta De Gallo. Completed in 2012, this 1,938 square foot contemporary home in Tunquén, Chile, is uniquely situated at the peak of a hill, providing panoramic views of the pacific ocean.

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    i'll take it. minus the ugly coffee table and sofa.
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    Low ceilings, feels oppressive.
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    Those slats seem to run down the whole of one side. That feels very prison like. I admire the simplicity of this, even like the stone cropping up in the livingroom, but there might be too much wood.
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    What a great way to ruin a lovely landscape.
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