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Thread: Lake Cottage with mirrored entrance

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    Default Lake Cottage with mirrored entrance

    Lake Cottage with mirrored entrance by UUfie

    This extension to a woodland home in Ontario by Canadian studio UUfie features charred cedar walls and a mirrored entrance.
    Japanese architect Eiri Ota and Canadian architect Irene Gardpoit Chan of UUfie designed the small cabin, named Lake Cottage, to add large living and dining rooms to a family house beside the Kawartha Lakes.
    The structure has a steeply pitched roof covered with black steel, while its two gabled ends are clad with cedar that has been charred to protect it from termites and fire.
    The entrance sits within a sheltered recess that spans the front of the cabin. Mirrored panels cover the sides and ceiling of the space, intended to integrate the building with the forest by reflecting the surrounding trees.
    A living room occupies a rectangular central space, while the dining room forms a link to the existing house.

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    Brrr. That looks cold.
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    One of the most uninviting houses I've ever seen.
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    God that's awful.
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    It makes me dizzy.
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    i love it. very cool. needs more furniture though but i suppose they photographed it empty to showcase the architecture more than the décor.
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    Disorienting. Did they consider that deer might come crashing into those mirrors? Or elk? Or a moose?
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