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Thread: 813 Laurel Avenue House in LA

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    Default 813 Laurel Avenue House in LA

    Luxuriously Integrating Water Elements: 813 Laurel Avenue House

    Amit Apel Design have completed the development of 813 Laurel Avenue, a contemporary home built with the functionality of a traditional plan and the sleek, distinct taste of modern design.

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    I like the closet and the shower. The rest is too eclectic hotel or something. Again, what do designers have against color?
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    I kinda like it (hangs head in shame). Now, if it comes with a housekeeper to keep it this pristine......
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    I'd like to see photos of this place without the photo shopped color and enhancements. It looks like an architectural model rather than a real house.
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    I pass this house every day on my way home. It does look really nice, and stands out since most of the surrounding homes are the Spanish style with orange tile roofs typical of this area. It's one of the few modern-design homes around here I like. The colors were amped up and saturated for the photos (you can tell by the green of the plants), but the wood is actually very warm in real life.

    It's still a very good-looking home in a nice neighborhood. Actually, the outside looks nicer than the inside does. All cold and angular, the color of the kitchen cabinetry is so damn dull.
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    What is that wood in the kitchen and closet? I hate it. It looks cheap to me.

    The house is pretty cool, though. I'm not always a huge fan of modern, but this is pretty.

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