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Thread: Palm Beach House

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    Default Palm Beach House

    Palm Beach House by Vaughn McQuarrie

    Palm Beach House was designed by Vaughn McQuarrie and is located in Palm Beach, Auckland, New Zealand. The house is surrounded by lush vegetation, with plenty of windows and terraces to allow the outdoors in. The owners of this home have to step outside in order to circulate from room to room. Due to difficult access and the wish to minimize waste, the design was based around factory sheet sizes which could be carried by hand and directly fixed in place without the need for cutting. Glue laminated timber was used extensively in the framing, once again carried in by hand and pieced together on site. A draw bridge allows the house to disengage itself from the ground, giving the occupants a sense of privacy and the feeling of being on a platform up in the trees.

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    Is that a particle board floor?!
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    Hahah, I read Palm Beach and looking at the pictures I'm thinking is this home built on "Trash Mountain, because it sure as hell doesn't look like any landscape I have seen in Palm Beach, FL.

    Don't care for the house, but I do like the landscape and wish Florida had landscape like that.
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    I would probably like the location, being on a beach, but this is one bizarro little place.
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    Tear it down and build a decent house.
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    The views are good, and I like the patio somewhat, but the house itself is horrible. Looks like a cheap treehouse.

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    A sensational view utterly ruined by cheapo plywood and chipboard everywhere (or chupboard as the locals would say). There's a lot of eco'ist lentil hugger Kiwis so this place is probably sustainable/recycled/greenie etc. They also call these weekend/beach places a "batch". No idea why.
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    i had a tree house nicer than this crap when i was a kid.
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