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Thread: Eagle Idaho - Luxury Home

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    Default Eagle Idaho - Luxury Home

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    Anywhere with a river frontage is a big plus for me. The house isn't as bad as I feared once we FINALLY get to see inside but the kitchen/bathrooms are very dated. Love how the "library" only has about 20 books.
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    Location seems nice. I would have to rebuild, though.
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    McMansion. And the soundtrack is annoying as hell.
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    Lawns shaved right up the the river banks - I can't STAND that. It makes the river look like some fake Disney crap. Though it cost a bundle, there is nothing to recommend this house as part of it's location. It could a MacMansion in Florida or Seattle, wouldn't matter, just another pre-fab carbuncle. Surely, the owners call it custom built when it's one of five designs their architects use all over Houston or Dallas or Orange County.
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