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Thread: Y House in Singapore

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    Default Y House in Singapore

    Elegant Interior With Industrial Elements: Y House in Singapore by Silver+Ong

    Y House, designed by the New York-based firm Silver+Ong, is the new home of a family from Singapore. Incorporating industrial elements of décor, a triangular-shaped roof and a neat interior, the residence is nothing but breezy, bright and comfortable. Despite the raw concrete walls, the interior is warm and joyful. The open space living room is connected to the terrace, giving you the feeling that they are one. I like the juxtaposition of styles: traditional (reflected in the roof’s shape) and contemporary (the glass wall and the finishings). Both define the house and work excellently together.

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    what is with this obsession with fucking glass walls? stoppit already!
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    I know, right? WTF is up with that? Gimme some fucking privacy. I hate that even more than I hate mirrors in front of toilets.
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    Those stairs are not my friend.
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    At least they have a hand rail! Oh look, those effing dining chairs AGAIN. Come on sheeple, try something different. And what do modern architects have against curves? Harder to draw no doubt.
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    The only thing I like are the concrete walls. They've been textured really well. The rest is bad.
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    Along with the glass walls, wtf is up with the shit-tastic dining room chairs?? I wouldn't put that crap on my deck, let alone a dining room. Actually, I hate just about all the furniture, minus the couch. But I'd put it in a den, not a "formal" living room.

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