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Thread: House by the Lake by CHK Arquitectura

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    Default House by the Lake by CHK Arquitectura

    House by the Lake by CHK Arquitectura

    This modern residential property situated by Valle de Bravo Lake in Mexico was designed in 2012 by Eduardo Hernandez of CHK Arquitectura. Though gifted with beautiful views to the lake and to the brook ; the site does not give these sights at first glance and have to be reached upon at different levels of the terrain and to be seen trough the neighboring forest therefore needing to locate the different functions of the program in the more or less privileged zones, according to their importance . The program is set as to have the best views to the public spaces in a horizontal arrangement and the private quarters in a vertical disposition. The plastic expression of these volumes, and how they are built and the circulation among them is the theme though wich the project expresses itself.

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    i usually don't like these modern, artsy homes, but this one is pretty cool.
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    i love this. i want that bedroom.
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