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Thread: A Beautiful Villa on Ibiza

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    When Gray and Natalie Gillot moved to Ibiza with their two children in 2011 their dream was to work from home, without work taken over their lives. With careful planning, designing and renovating their beautiful finca, the couple have found the perfect balance on the beautiful island. Their beautiful home is located in San Agustin, a small town on a hilltop overlooking the west coast of Ibiza. The house is divided into two sections, with Natalie’s pilates and massage studio and Gray’s office space kept completely separate from their personal living area. When the time comes to call it a day, the two retreat into their home via a sliding antique wooden door that accesses the kitchen, dining and lounge area.

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    nice. i'd like to spend a vacation there. but only if it's far removed from the obnoxious party parts of ibiza.
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