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Thread: Riverpark Apartment in Slovakia

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    Default Riverpark Apartment in Slovakia

    Beautiful Modern Style: Stunning Riverpark Apartment in Bratislava by Beef Architecture

    Designed by Beef Architecture, this is an interior of an apartment with a beautiful view over Danube river. The concept behind the living space is simple: less glitz, more style and that “natural environment” kind of feeling, emphasising that there is life after office. The apartment displays a certain rawness, as a result of the (excessive) use of wood. As you explore the interior, you notice that the warm”café au lait” accents and the wooden furniture create a bright, yet tranquil atmosphere. Textures, colors and materials can definitely transform a place. The kitchen, the dinning area and the living room are perceived as one unique spacious room, enhancing the feeling of breeziness, openness and relaxation. Remember: busy cities can be relaxing. As long as you choose the right home.

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    i like this a lot. it's modern but has a bit of a rustic feel to it as well. i like all the wood.
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    Meh. Too woody looking for me.
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    Oh I could stay here. I kinda dig those unusual rugs. Lovely views, beautifully finished floors, great balcony, and the kitchen isn't a huge central shrine but very nicely integrated with the living room.
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    Ikea nightmare.
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