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Thread: House N18 in Malaysia

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    Default House N18 in Malaysia

    House N18 by DRTAN LM Architect

    House N18 is located in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, and was designed by DRTAN LM Architect. The home is an imposing and spacious structure, and is decorated in a hip and industrial style. The house plan was conceived as a series of large halls based on 6m X 6m (20ft X 20ft) modules that are linked together both horizontally and vertically to create interlocking spaces. These are bound together by raw off-form concrete structure and earthy clay brick screen walls. The resulting three-storey box has spaces cut-into and cut-out of it to create high volume spaces, courtyards, nooks and hanging gardens. The front arrival portico is supported on a formal series of large diameter sienna red steel columns. Beams that bear the roof garden above run across the slab in their exposed concrete form creating a visual landing strip upon arrival as the row of lights hidden behind each beam is unveiled file by file. A collage of concrete, brickwork and timber becomes an intentional feature wall by the main entrance. A solitary concrete wall with a rectangular cut-out, flanks the right side of the driveway forming a private lawn that fronts the open living area beyond.The entry foyer and formal living space is a tall voluminous space with a large dragon ball light hanging in mid air. This is an open space designed to promote natural ventilation and lighting, and opens out unto the private front lawn. Even the bamboo garden beyond the kitchen is visible from the living hall an openness that is visually and spatially liberating.

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    Nice use of materials, but completely clinical.
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    I feel like a group of "preppers" would buy this place. It could withstand a civil war, bombing, etc.

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    Its just hard.
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    So much space and no place to chill. People are dumb.
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    It's a puzzle what anyone could do with those spaces to make it a home. I like that piece of wall art and the Japanese room but it still best befits an office building, and a grim one at that.
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