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Thread: Renovation Project in Spain

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    Default Renovation Project in Spain

    Respect for Traditional Architecture: Inspiring House Rehabilitation in Spain

    Barcelona-based Dom Arquitectura recently completed a stunning renovation project in Noutigos, A Coruņa, Spain. According to the development team, the aim was to act respecting the current volumes of the old house, located close to the river. Maintaining the stone facade and replacing the original windows, the architects envisioned two new small and strategic openings in the south wall for views and the natural light needed inside. The new openings with iron frame and fixed glass contrast with the existing ones, which were treated with a chestnut wood. The entrance garden has been enhanced with reclaimed flagstones, wood benches, ivy and lavender, for a simple but hearty welcome.

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    Well done. Not my cup of tea, but great remodeling. I'd get claustrophobic, though.
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    The white floor ruins it for me..why not blonde wide wood planks floor?
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    Those kitchen chairs remind me of the ones in my elementary school.
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    I can't figure out the concrete floors either. Not a fan of barrel ceilings, they make me uncomfortable. The kitchen layout would take some getting used to, having to move around the island to use the sink every time, but it's pretty. The stones are marvelous, love those walls.
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