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Thread: The House Cast in Liquid Stone

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    Default The House Cast in Liquid Stone

    The House Cast in Liquid Stone by SPASM Design Architects

    SPASM Design Architects designed this beautiful project located in Khopoli, Maharashtra, India. According to the architects: “We chose to develop the residence as an accretion on this rocky basalt outcrop with the very same inherent materials transformed,” the architects said, explaining how they mixed water, sand, cement and granular basalt to cast the thick raw walls. An area of high precipitation in the monsoons, and equal heat during the summers, the site changes remarkably from March to July, with the onset of the south westerly monsoons. Basalt the local black rock of the region is what this site was about. Photographs cannot express the sense of weight when one approaches, or the sense of release at the edge of the pool at the far end of the open terrace, the feeling of burrowing deeper enroute, past the stacked stones, to the lower bedroom. The house perches on the edge of a cliff with views of the distant hills, which are framed by the walls on either side of a vertiginous projecting swimming pool. ”

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    Love the bedroom and the view over the pool. Otherwise, fact, it's infuriating, not because it's bad but because the house is so manipulative. Feel crushed in this space, feel free in the next. Feel cold here, warmth there. That earns it Miley's furious wrecking ball, a big old FU, from me. It's even worse because the landscape is stellar...and the owners build a concrete fun house to fuck with people. I hate everyone involved in designing and ordering this house - not nice people.
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    Lol Olivia
    i kind of love the architecture, it's beautiful and I think it suits the landscape and India is hot and sunny enough that a concrete house won't feel cold.
    Not a fan of the hallway lights or the bedroom furniture or that red sofa but those are relatively minor things.
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    Well thats certainly bright and cheery isn't it?
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    ...explaining how they mixed water, sand, cement and granular basalt to cast the thick raw walls.
    So, concrete then. Not exactly reinventing the wheel.

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    Bloody awful. It looks like a KGB interrogation block.
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    Reminds me of the prison set on the Walking Dead.

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