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Thread: Converted Farmhouse in Belgium

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    Default Converted Farmhouse in Belgium

    Symbiosis Between Old and New: Beautifully Converted Farmhouse in Belgium

    Have a look at this lovely farmhouse recently transformed by the architects at Studio Farris into a contemporary family crib! Inside and out, the dwelling (located in an agricultural area close to Brussels, Belgium) has a friendly, welcoming feel. Its picturesque brick walls were renovated by the project developers, which largely contributed to its charming, authentic appearance. The property also includes a generously-sized terrain, a swimming pool and an artificial water pond.

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    I don't like the interior at all, the exterior is gorgeous.
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    Love this. Some of the furniture, like the red couch, has gotta go. Y'all wanna send me that animal print chair, feel free.
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    i love the house itself and the setting but would have to change a lot of their furniture. i'll keep the jacobsen armchair and cowhide rug and dining chairs but all the other sofas are nasty and so is that high cowhide throne thing.
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    I love's a really cool rehab project that creates a space that is abnormal in a good way. It's so unique and different, yet looks so comfortable. I love the side porch between the exterior brick and the wall of glass. I would take this place in a minute.

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    They can also take their dead animal off the wall when they go.
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