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Thread: Small Wooden House

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    Default Small Wooden House

    Small Wooden House: IO by Osamu Morishita

    Located in Anjo, Aichi, Japan is the IO house designed by Osamu Morishita. IO is a small house made of wood. According to the architects: “I considered how to create the open planning for a young family who prefer intimateness between families and neighbors to privacy. In the traditional Japanese houses people have never felt solitude. This house has just sliding doors and it also has “Doma” (earth floor) which old Japanese houses had for the entrances and multi-purposes including kitchen, where people communicate one another and work together. Anyone can approach easily from outside with their shoes, and family can handle co-operating work there. No wall but just sliding doors cannot keep families strict privacy but they can feel their own warmness.”

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    Not enough white.
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    i like the design but it would be too much like living in a fishbowl. it's weird how it's this tiny little glass house surrounded by much taller buildings.
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    Why would you have a wall of windows when you're surrounded by high rises?
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    Is that a conveyer belt going into the front door? It looks very clean , love the stairs, but no privacy.

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    Heck no to that claustrophobic galley kitchen. But everything else is pretty cool. Love the light wood everywhere. This house belongs in a woodsy location.
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    Now we know why Japan has those high celibacy rates.
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