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Thread: Vacation Home in Peru

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    Default Vacation Home in Peru

    House Playa El Golf H4 by RRMR Arquitectos

    Located in Asia District of Limas, Peru, this contemporary vacation home is a 2011 project by RRMR Arquitectos. It measures 4,251 square feet. The sun sets towards the back of the lot, which is used in the solution to provide the necessary shade to the deck by extending the volumeís upper edge, making it more distinctive and dynamic. The suspended main volume then shows a notorious diagonal that may be seen front the deck and from outside the plot. This resulting diagonal is taken as a composition gesture that is repeated as an inclined plane in the entrance, in the two stairways and in the irregular openings in the side facade. Another element which incorporates the diagonal aesthetic is the perimeter walls. Along with providing privacy to the lower level, they bring together into the composition the suspended upper volume and the lower frame of the secondary bedrooms. This ends up unifying smoothly and continuously the unitís three levels into one single dynamic element.

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    Nice place to vacation in.
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