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Thread: Restored Bus Mobile Home

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    Default Restored Bus Mobile Home

    Restored Bus Mobile Home by Hank Butitta

    Architect Hank Butitta had planned for many years to make his own kind of impact on the tiny housing movement. Where permit and cost restrictions created boundaries, Butitta broke through with a bit of old fashioned American ingenuity. Hank bought a bus and he gutted and restored it into a comfortable and spacious mobile living space of his own. Today, Hank Butitta and his school bus mobile home are traveling around the US together on a 5,000 mile trip to prove his exciting and not-so-little concept. Through pictures and video, hes inviting you along for a ride as well.

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    Very much a guy space. I've seen the construction photos of this elsewhere. It's impressive, for what he did, but it's really nothing more than an office on wheels. He and his buddies can develop the next Killer Ap on the road. The Ken Kesey bus for Mellennials, I suppose.
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    That's pretty cool.

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    We actually had one of these when my kids were young. We used it for several years up at the campgrounds my former mother-in-law managed. It was a great little camper! Ours was a bit smaller, but basically pretty much like this one, only ours had a queen size bed in the very back. We had a stove, fridge (not mini, but not full size--more like a motel kind) and a little tiny bathroom. I wish I had pictures--it was so much fun and a very inexpensive mini-vacation every time we used it.
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    Where is the toilet?

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    I'm thinking in the closet next to the sink.
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    I like it and think it would be fun.

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    The cheap plywood makes it look unfinished. All those splinters! It's OK for a bloke road/camping trip but certainly not a home as such. Any kind of facility without full working plumbing is my idea of purgatory anyway.
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