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Thread: Bord-du-Lac House

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    Quote Originally Posted by palta View Post

    I like the interior, but this is completely disproportionate.

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    I wanna like this. The addition was made with great care and consideration. But it's no great I M Pei modern addition and feels contrived. That second story walkway is dumb. What's wrong with adhering to the original style or building an outdoor structure for that view? Why make this statement at all? The modern Nordic addition is taking the place of having a nice garden. Who wants to live in that tired and cold old shit all day?

    I do love the new kitchen, though.
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    Okay, why the hell would you have two totally opposite styles stuck together? Makes no sense to me.
    The new addition is way too ultra modern inside and out.
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    Do not like. Then you have the completely colorless decor. Bleargh.
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    Why do architects hate colour and soft lines so much? They think they are cutting edge and pushing the boundaries of contemporary design but in fact these sterile boxes all look exactly the same. Given the stunning location this place could have been spectacular. Instead it looks like an airport business class lounge. A house should be for living in, not a photoshoot. I'd like to see more of the old building interiors.
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    Waddah mistake, with the location they could have had a beautiful house. This sticks out like sore thumb.

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