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Thread: House in Brighton

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    Default House in Brighton

    House in Brighton by FMD Architects

    Australian architectural firm FMD Architects has designed the House in Brighton. Completed in 2012, this 3,014 square foot home in Brighton, Australia, was remodelled to include a new open living area and master bedroom.

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    I love this but it doesn't look lived in yet.
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    Nice place. I like that sectional a lot, and the outdoor furniture.
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    I live near this one too! I like the exterior look but the inside is bland, beige, boring. Lo and behold they have those bloody dining chairs AGAIN. The "view" of someone else's tennis court sucks and the whole place seems very enclosed by other properties. Not unusual in the burbs around here where people put big houses on small blocks. I guarantee the lady of the house is a blonde bimbo with a black BMW. Local joke: what does a Brighton lady wear to a funeral? A black tennis dress. Brighton is probably the most affluent suburb in Melbourne with a BMW in every driveway, Chanel handbags and a yacht at the marina. The plastic surgery capital of Oz. People actually aspire to live there among the shallow, superficial assholes. All the reasons people want to live there are all the reasons we don't want to.

    End Brighton-festo.

    Edit. If you are familiar with the Kath & Kim TV show you might recall the little vignettes featuring Pru and Trude, the snooty ladies who work in Mini Max (trendy kitchenalia shop). Pure Brighton, or Braaaahton as the locals say.
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