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Thread: Swedish Apartment

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    Default Swedish Apartment

    Swedish Apartment With a Charming Rustic Appeal in Gothenburg

    This beautiful apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden, with an area of about 82 square meters, occupies the last floor of a traditional building. Its interiors are truly inspiring, with wood playing a major part in the overall design. The layout of the apartment (discovered on Alvhem) is relatively simple, with the social area on a side, and the two bedrooms on the other. Walnut parquet floors run through the entire loft, contrasting the white walls and subtle color additions. Kitchen, dining area and lounge zone are all integrated in an open plan scheme, with access to a lovely terrace.

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    great space, fug furniture.
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    I love the openness of the space! I like the glass and log shelves in the bedroom.
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    I love this. I like the way the wood beams break up the white wall. It looks like they have a penchant for throw blankets and pillows though. With all of the throws thrown about, it makes the place look too cluttered.

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    I really like it - not wild about the furniture - but it's still really nice.

    But what is a double oven doing in the bathroom?? (ah yes - cracking myself up)

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    Yet another generic IKEA catalogue. Come on Sweden, think outside the box?
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