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Thread: Rihanna moves out of Pacific Palisades home in LA

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    Default Rihanna moves out of Pacific Palisades home in LA

    Disturbia! Rihanna 'moves out of $12million LA mansion' that was plagued with trespassers and break-ins

    PUBLISHED: 00:13, 9 October 2013 | UPDATED: 11:00, 9 October 2013

    She was the target of a break in a matter of weeks ago.

    Now, popstar Rihanna has had enough as TMZ report that she's moving out of her Pacific Palisades home.

    The website reports that moving trucks have been seen outside the singer's home - which has been the subject of various break-ins over the last few months.

    Home alone: Rihanna has reportedly moved out of her LA mansion following a series of trespassers on the property

    The news comes after Rihanna had been the victim of an attempted burlary at the home late last month.

    E! reported that the West Los Angeles Burglary detectives claimed the incident occured on Sunday September 29, when an alarm company reported the attempted break-in.

    Surveillance was said to show a suspect attempting to gain entry through the back door.

    Exit factor: Rihanna had splashed out a whopping $12million on the new luxury mansion in LA

    Rihanna was thankfully in Australia at the time performing for her Diamonds World Tour, but was obviously shaken up by the incident.
    TMZ also report that Rihanna had not been at the property for at least two months, and will now split her time between LA and New York.

    In June, police were called to the singer's same home after private security guards reported they had detained a 26-year-old male trespasser on her property shortly after 10pm.

    Disappearing act: Fortunately Rihanna, seen here in Australia last month, has been away touring when trespassers were discovered on the property

    The intruder was adamant he did not know it was Rihanna's house, despite police finding a Google map of the area on his phone.

    Rihanna was once again not at home, instead touring in the UK.

    The 25-year-old Barbados native was previously forced to obtain a three-year restraining order against obsessed fan Steveland Barrow in March, after he broke into the property next door, which he wrongly believed to be hers.

    In her request for the protection order, Rihanna revealed she feared for her safety after the male fan told police officers that he was invited to her home and allegedly slept in a bed.

    Unlucky: An aerial view shows the sprawling LA mansion, but it seems Rihanna will be glad to see the back of it

    Moving on: Rihanna is said to be considering spending more time in New York following her move out of her LA home

    Impressive: The property has 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, top range kitchen, dining room with a 14-foot ceiling, swimming pool, 6,000 square-foot back garden, sun deck, four-car garage, hot tub and stunning panoramic views

    Read more: Rihanna 'moves out of LA mansion' plagued with trespassers and break-ins | Mail Online

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    Shes an asshat but that shit is scary.
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    With all that bush land around the boundaries I can see it wouldn't be very secure. I get a prickly spidey sense about certain places and this one makes me very uneasy.
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