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Thread: Cheerful Apartment in Krakow

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    Default Cheerful Apartment in Krakow

    Cheerful Apartment in Krakow by PERA studio

    Polish design firm PERA studio designed the interior of this once all-white apartment in Krakow into the cheerful space it is today. Breaking up the spans of light gray walls and ceilings and simple wooden floors are bursts of sunny yellow and cherry red accents that are bound to make the residents happy.

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    A little too "cheerful" for me. Get rid of the green/yellow paint. Gah!
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    The red doors kinda work for me, but the yellow is just too much.

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    All those bold colors demand high quality furniture. Where is it? That couch looks like something they picked up off of the sidewalk.
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    Nothing is cheerful in krakow, and a neon kitchen won't change that.
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    OUCH. That yellow literally hurts my eyes.
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    I like the red door frames. I hate the yellow which is my least favourite colour anyway but this is overload.
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