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Thread: Chez Valentin Apartment in France

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    Default Chez Valentin Apartment in France

    Super Cool Suspended Bedroom Creatively Maximizes 50m2 Apartment

    The Chez Valentin Apartment in Montrouge, France is pretty small at only 50 m2 but the condo owner still wanted to have an impendent bedroom somewhere in the space. Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec Architects met the challenge by suspending a white cube from the ceiling to create a completely separate and independent bedroom within the open space below. Centrally located, the bedroom acts as a room divider between the dining area and the living area. Made of a metallic structure, covered with wooden panels, the cube as well as the floor, walls and ceiling have been painted with a white polyurethane resin.

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    it's a great idea. cool space. lousy furniture.
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