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Thread: The Cresta Residence

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    Default The Cresta Residence

    Enhancing the Feeling of Space: The Cresta Residence Designed by Jonathan Segal FAIA

    The Cresta is an outstanding residential project designed by Jonathan Segal FAIA in San Diego, in the Lower Hermosa region of La Jolla, California, that enhances the feeling of space. Impressive and extremely luxurious, the residence occupies an area of 5,300 sq feet. The house looks even more extended than it already is, due to the floor to ceiling glass that replaces some of the walls and lets the place breathe. The Cresta is more than just any regular widely spread home, itís the architectís dream house. It features three floors, one below and two above grade. The entire living space is characterised by transparence and breeziness. The boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor disappear.

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    that's a fucking sexy house.the dining room table and chairs need to die in a fire. in fact, they already look like the charred remains of a dining set. fucking awful. everything else is pure architecture porn.
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    I just couldn't live in a fish tank.

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    I'd kill my neighbors if they built that beside me blocking my views and sun. It's in entirely the wrong neighborhood.
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