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Thread: House A&B in Austria

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    Default House A&B in Austria

    Summerhouse Transformed Into a Modern Elegant Residence: House A&B in Austria

    House A&B is a lovely modern residence with an impeccable neat interior, located in Perchtoldsdorf, Austria. Envisioned as an open living environment, graceful and elegant, the home was once a summerhouse. The owners, a couple that simply adores furniture and arts, wanted a home that clearly reflected their passions, their lifestyle and last, but not least, their spirit. Smertnik Kraut Architekten, the firm responsible with the renewal, understood the owners’ wish and came up with a simple, minimalistic house design. The house exhales elegance, despite its simple design and it integrates an infinity pool, bordered on one side by a green marble wall and a garden.

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    My dentist office looks very similar.
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    Parts of it I like quite a bit, but other parts look cheap and mobile home-ish. I adore the brown sofa set but that gimmicky plastic dining set is vile. The wood paneling looks like veneer from some kind of liquidation business, but I like the bubbly light fixtures.

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    i love the house itself. love the grey marble around the pool, it's almost identical to the marble at the UN. i'd change the furniture though.
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    Hideous outdoor furniture. The rest is very, erm, Austrian. This is not a compliment.
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    They have horrible taste in chairs.
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